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A decentralised collective of individuals almost succeeded in buying one of only 13 remaining original copies of the US Constitution, when it came up for auction yesterday. The rare artefact was sold by Sotheby’s for over $43 million to an anonymous bidder.

Its new owner is probably delighted with their…

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Mayor Jayson Stewart isn’t your typical politician. The 1,500 residents of his town are likely used to his unconventional views but likely believe he has their best interests at heart.

In September 2020 he was the second Missouri Mayor to pardon municipal marijuana offenders. In recent weeks he’s also taken…

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A digital image taken from a well-known Internet meme video — known as ‘Side-Eyeing Chloe’ — was sold on September 24 for around $75,000 after being immortalized as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

The meme is based on a home video shot in 2013. In it, the Utah schoolgirl Chloe Clem…

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