A really great article and I’m delighted to read of such a successful example of co-parenting after divorce. Me and my ex have co-parented our two daughters 50–50 from the ages of 7 and 3 and just yesterday our eldest finished her final exam of compulsory education at the age of 18. We couldn’t be more proud of both of them, and are also quietly proud of ourselves for having made this work for so long. We’ve also for the last 18 months been co-parenting using something called bird-nest parenting; I wrote a piece on the Huffington Post (!) on this topic that gained quite a lot of media attention recently and I’m passionate about broadening awareness on the subject. I really hope that through excellent examples of family life after divorce, such as yours, the world can learn that there are far better ways to raise kids when their parents’ relationship fails. In case you’re interested, my article on bird-nest parenting after divorce can be found below. Thanks again for your article. http://bit.ly/2MDG1F4

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A writer, dad and husband sharing his thoughts, wins and losses to help and inspire others. Say hello at bit.ly/TobyHazlewood

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