Hi Tom,

I’m way too old to be a millennial but my eldest daughter is one (apparently), so I was interested to read what you say.

One of my favourite Casey Neistat videos covered this topic quite well, in defining the concept of money problems and life problems — the premise is that only once you’ve got enough money to eat, pay for a roof over your head and so-on do you even begin to worry about all the other aspects of life (like what to do in pursuit of love, fulfilment in your career, happiness and so-on). I liked the perspective and think it helps us to boil down the topic of money into some meaningful ‘tiers’.

Once you’ve enough money to cover off the basics, your focus moves onto how to use it to enrich your life. Once you’ve got a relationship, a home, a career/vocation or whatever, then and only then does it become a problem to wonder how you’d spend a million or more, on Gucci belts and so-on… I personally find it easy to brush off such dilemmas as I’m still focused on the second level problems, like how to enjoy my work and better support my family. It doesn’t make any one person’s dilemmas any more or less meaningful though! Just different!

Here’s the video in case you’re intrigued:

And a story I wrote that was inspired by it…

Thanks for your work Tom!



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