Some really good points in this piece… thank you Ryan Holiday. A couple of things that come to mind, and little challenges I’ve faced in ‘curating’ my own reading:

  1. The inner-battle I find myself fighting when a highly recommended read doesn't seem to gel with me; I seem to waste time and conscience in contemplating giving up on a book and often persist with it for longer than is necessary (at the expense of finding new things!). I’m getting better at accepting that some books simply won’t work for me and allowing myself to put them aside. It’s reaffirming that you’re able to acknowledge that not every book is for everyone!
  2. I’ve often gone down some very positive rabbit holes and after particularly enjoying an author’s work, I often dive into more of their books (this was how I came to discover much of your work!). It seems a good way of discovering further quality books that chime with my preferences for tone and content… not always, but most of the time.

Thanks for your work!

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