Thanks for sharing more about your situation. I am sorry to hear of the challenges that you’ve faced and continue to face — I’ve encountered many instances over the years where divorced mothers abuse the situation for their own gain, and others where fathers do the same. As ever, the ones who suffer ultimately are the kids — as you say in your case, through the depletion of their education fund and a hampering of your ability to provide for them (and yourself) based on the punitive arrangement that has been handed down.

The one blessing in your situation as I see it from the outside is that at least you’re able to enjoy 50% custody of your kids which I’m sure is something for which you’re grateful.

I am thankful for you sharing your story as I often get a little blinkered about my own situation, and think it should be easy for everyone else to adopt a similar model. I’m not so unrealistic as to believe it’s possible in all circumstances though, and there is the factor of individual circumstances and personalities that plays a significant part in each divorce.

I wish you well in your situation.

With best wishes, Toby

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