Thanks for this story Scott. I always enjoy your writing - this one really hit home and found me at the right time.

Two weeks ago today, I was at the bedside of my father in law as he passed-away from prostate cancer. It was a harrowing experience and truth-be-told I'm still processing it, but I know it was what he wanted rather than to die in hospital.

I was there with his daughters, his wife and my brother in law. We'd all been caring for him for the last week of his life, at home, ably assisted by nurses from a local hospice. So much of what you've shared hit home completely, and echoed with our experiences of that last week of his life.

Covid played no part in his death, but has interfered since - four of our close family now have confirmed cases and his funeral has been delayed two weeks. My hopes aren't high that more of us won't be infected before the revised date comes around, as the situation is getting worse here in the UK too. The final part of moving on in life is to get him laid to rest and for some semblance of normality to resume and as much as we try, I don't see that happening until he's been laid to rest.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this - it is appreciated.


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