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It was a March day in 2006. I sat in the driver’s seat of a hired truck, my share of the marital possessions loaded meticulously in the back of it. My wife and I had just locked the door of our former marital home for the last time and were about to go our separate ways in life, metaphorically and literally.

We said our final farewell (albeit in a symbolic sense) and a few tears were shed. Having jointly resolved that we’d play an active part in raising our two daughters, then aged 6 and 3, we knew we’d be…

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I’m a stubborn kind of guy. When I get in the groove with positive habits—whether sticking with an exercise program, getting to bed early or avoiding certain foods — I can be like a machine. My willpower is the stuff of legend amongst my family. I’ve impressed some with my commitment and alienated others who find my devotion and dedication somehow offensive.

Unfortunately, the same trait tends to hold for the bad stuff too.

When I get in the habit of cracking open a beer each evening it soon becomes a daily part of my routine. I’m prone to deleting…

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On September 15th, New York based AMC Cinemas announced its intention to accept payment from customers using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the end of 2021. The company’s CEO Adam Aron had this to say on Twitter:

Source: Twitter

Customers of the popular US cinema chain will soon be able to pay for movie tickets and snacks using Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptocurrencies as well as US dollars. It follows hot on the heels of the entire nation of El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender throughout the nation earlier this month.

It also follows a similar announcement…

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Last week our power went down without warning. I was working at home as usual when the radio went off and security alarms around the neighbourhood started shrieking. After the WiFi dropped I finally took notice.

Power cuts happen infrequently where I live, the power usually comes back on within an hour and life resumes. But last week was different. The previous day I’d started listening to the audiobook ‘Lights Out: A Cyberattack, a Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath by former ABC news anchor, Ted Koppel, and the outage found me in a twitchy mood.

For a few moments my…

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In August 2020 our summer family vacation consisted of a 3-week road trip visiting friends and family who we’d been separated from for much of the year due to Covid-19.

It was good to catch up with our nearest and dearest — we hugged and laughed, ate and drank, making merry as much as social distancing would allow. I suspect novelty was a big factor in making the trip fun, but it was relaxing and energising nonetheless after months confined at home.

As summer 2021 rolled around and with little appetite to travel overseas given the continuing need for Covid…

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Texas has been in the news a lot lately, and rarely for good reasons. The legal landscape within the lone-star state is shifting radically.

Its chaotic and irresponsible handling of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is second only to Florida for the sheer carnage (by the numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths). The state’s governor would rather leave matters of mask-wearing and vaccination down to personal choice amongst citizens, rather than weighing in with mandates or consistent messaging.

Texas also recently changed the law to obliterate abortion rights for women, and simultaneously made it possible for private citizens to sue one…

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On September 7 — just 3-months after the President of El Salvador announced his intention for Bitcoin to become legal tender in the nation, it finally happened.

Legislation unanimously approved by the government of El Salvador has been enacted. It means that shops can accept payment in either Bitcoin or US Dollars and people are now allowed to pay for goods and services in either currency too.

In the Bitcoin community, President Nayib Bukele is the hero of the day.

As September 7 dawned, El Salvadoran Bitcoin enthusiasts shared videos and posts online as they paid for coffees in Starbucks…

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I rarely feel compelled to take a screen grab on my iPhone — much less when it comes to anything about work. But when I read the below on Twitter recently, I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed it for future reference since it encapsulates perfectly my beliefs about home and remote working.

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It’s not often that you can claim to have beaten Gary Vaynerchuk in recognizing the potential of a marketplace — but in the case of NFTs I like to think I got here first.

He’s making up for lost time now. Through his VeeFriends NFT project Gary Vee has added his own inimitable endorsement that it’s a space that we should be taking notice of.

His endorsement is the latest in a long list of events during 2021 that suggest that the market for NFTs is in the midst of a mania, with enormous potential for artists, creators and investors…

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On the Best Business show on July 14th, New York Giant Saquon Barkley announced that he will be taking all future endorsement income in Bitcoin rather than US Dollars — an estimated sum of $10 million annually:

Source: Twitter

Barkley is the latest in a number of sports stars who are awakening to the opportunities that being paid in Bitcoin opens up to them. …

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